Reach of Oz

Oz-themed websites

  • The Daily Ozmapolitan – Daily and weekly Oz-Related News
  • The Royal Blog of Oz – One of the only Oz-themed public podcasts (this links to other Oz-related sites as well)
  • The Wonderful Blog of Oz – comics and daily funnies that are Oz-relevant as well as additional reading choices for the adventures in Oz (this site links to the Oz bookshop, which is great for finding awesome Oz adventures).
  • Current events in Oz – a sub-category website associated with the Wonderful Blog of Oz that describes current events around the country that focus on Oz events in film, theatre, festivals, and other fun activities.
  • The International Wizard of Oz Club – the main wizard of oz club
  • Oz Index: A full and comprehensive list of Oz books by author, title, and other categories as well as a long list of amazing Oz resources.
  • Oz Read-Through: A fun analytical read-through of Oz Canon (a read-through of different Oz books, including the Wizard of Oz)
  • Wizard of Oz Website – offers a plethora of resources and ideas concerning Oz.
  • Wizard of Oz Wikipedia – explains about the book and offers a list of adaptations created
  • Magician of Oz – perspectives on the themes and elements of Oz
  • Hearts of Oz – another video-themed Oz website…most definitely check this out!

Oz-Themed Videos