Krafts of Oz

This is the page where you will find arts and crafts to go along with each of the episodes in the archives. These are created by me, Vinkus Ken. It should be noted that I’m not artistically inclined and that I have not had any formal art training. This is purely just arts and crafts focused on Oz-related concepts from the books of Oz.


How-to-Make: A Tornado (Episode 1A)

Reflecting on Episode 1 of the WWOO, the major concept of that chapter was the cyclone, also called a tornado. So, what better to engage with the chapter than to make our own DIY tornado. I chose to make it brown and other shades of brown because of the dust bowl element of Kansas at the time. Also, in the chapter, there is nothing but baron land around Dorothy’s farm. So, if you just follow the steps (with pictures), hopefully you enjoy my creative activity. Please feel free to leave pictures you of your final projects as well.


  • Foam board (or wood)
  • Wire mesh
  • Tape (either packing or duct)
  • Instant Paper Mache Mix
  • Glue gun (w/ glue sticks)
  • Acrylic paint (little bottles) – brown & golden brown
  • Paint brushes (or paint sponges)
  • Spray paint – dull brown (not glossy)
  • Cotton balls (separated)
  • Sticker letters
  • Farm animals
  • OPTIONAL: Miniature farm house
  • OPTIONAL: Miniature fence (around farm)

Step 1:

Create a foundation for the tornado with foam board or wood. I found a 5-pack of foam board (8″ X 10″ rectangles) at Michael’s that I just taped together as my foundation. (Picture below)


Step 2:

Create the tornado funnel shape with the wire mesh. I used a wire mesh that was about 12″ X 24″ and I taped and glued edges to the main shape, as seen below. Make sure the end that is going on the foundation is smaller than the opening at the other end.


Step 3:

Attach the tornado to the foundation. Trace the base of tornado on the foam board (or wood) with a marker or pencil. Then, use the glue gun and re-trace the circle drawn. Connect the tornado on the circle of glue to the smaller end. Let dry!! Then, make sure to give the foundation an additional support by adding more tape around the base. (pictured below)


Step 4:

Attach the paper Mache mix to the wire mesh tornado. You can mix the acrylic paint into the mixture to help with the color of the paper Mache mixture. Be very patient with this process. It took me about 2 and 1/2 hours to get through this step.


Step 5:

After mix is dried (this will take about 2 days to fully dry and about an hour to harden), attach the cotton balls at base (to simulate dirt being stirred up) with glue gun. I just unravelled the cotton balls and make them into circles to simulate clouded dirt.


Step 6:

Time to decorate. Paint the base and cotton balls with the spray paint in a safe space. Then, paint the tornado with the acrylic paint in a swirl pattern. Then, glue the farm animals around the tornado to give a farm look. Lastly, attach sticker letters to point to the direction of Oz. I gave each letter a color associated with the lands that Dorothy visits.

Final Product

IMG_0030 IMG_0029

Hope you enjoy making this as much as I did. It really brought Oz to life for me personally.

How-to-Make: A Munchkin Garden (Episode 2A)

As Dorothy enters into the land of Oz, she discovers a colorful spectrum of flora, more specifically in the different shades of blue, as blue is the regional color of the Munchkin Country. So, as inspiration of Episode 2 of WWOO, I will create a munchkin garden, with flowers with different shades of blue, pink, and white.


  • Tissue paper (different shades of blue, pink, and white)
  • Flower template (on card stock), click link for document: Flower_Layout
  • Blue-colored grass
  • Glue gun
  • Rectangular foam for fake plants
  • Foam sheets (blue)
  • Pipe cleaners (in blue, pink, or white)
  • Silver gel pen or metallic marker
  • OPTIONAL: Planter for garden
  • OPTIONAL: Construction paper in lieu of tissue paper

Step 1:

Create a foundation. Glue 2 rectangular foam pieces together. Cut foam sheets in a zigzag pattern and glue around the edge. These are intended to be the Munchkin houses around a neighborhood garden.


Step 2:

Cut out flowers. Use the flower layout on card stock and trace onto tissue paper (or construction paper). Then, cut out as many flowers as desired. I cut out 2 flowers per pipe cleaner.

Step 3:

Attach flowers to folded pipe cleaner. I glued the flower cutouts on each side of the pipe cleaner. Decorate center of flower with circles of tissue paper or colored stickers.


Step 4:

Time to decorate. Glue the blue grass to the rectangular foam around the flowers. Use a gel pen to decorate the munchkin houses around the border of the garden. Make sure you decorate around the entire border. As a final touch, I also added a miniature blue mailbox as the community mailbox in this garden.


Final Product


This was very  fun to make and learn how to work with tissue paper. I hope you have as a good of a time as I did working our way into Oz and the Munchkin Country. Also, if you want to expand this idea to include all the colors of Oz, you can make an entire Oz guardian. There are tons of ideas out there, so make it how you think is right to Oz. Additionally, another aspect that is mentioned in this episode is the Wicked Witch of the East. So, you can either make your own decorations or you can obtain these from Amazon, which I did last Halloween, as a great way include that component.


How-To-Make: Dorothy and the Scarecrow (Episode 3A)

As the third episode opens up, we meet the Scarecrow and discuss a lot of Dorothy’s fashion elements such as her silver shoes and her blue gingham dress. So, for this complimentary episode craft, we will be making our own Dorothy and Scarecrow stuffed dolls. I learned this technique when I was attending an adult science night at the local nature and science museum. So, it should be really fun to make.


  • Person template on cardstock
  • Felt squares
    • Camel (2 squares)
    • Champagne (2 squares)
    • Blue (1 square)
    • Forest or Kelly green (1 square)
    • Brown (1 square)
    • White (1 square)
  • Excelsior moss (looks like hay)
  • Cotton balls
  • Yarn (thin)
  • Sewing needle for yarn
  • Craft eyes
  • Metallic marker or silver gel pen
  • Black marker or black gel pen
  • 1 square (or yard) of gingham fabric (either blue, yellow, or red)

Step 1:

Cut out a person template. Be careful around the hands and make sure to take your time around all the curves in the figure. This will be the layout you trace onto the felt.


Step 2:

Trace and cut out the Scarecrow and Dorothy layout. On the camel felt squares, trace and cut out a template on each one (Scarecrow). On the champagne felt squares, trace and cut out a template on each square (Dorothy). I curved out the hands and traces a half circle instead of each detail. (Side note: feel free to change the color of Dorothy’s cut out to anything you want. The book never describes Dorothy’s features.)


Step 3:

Sew the two halves together with any color yarn of your choosing. I’m using what I have and its a yellow yarn for both. You will sew the pieces together around the border and leave a section open around the head and shoulders to stuff the moss into the scarecrow’s doll and cotton balls into Dorothy’s doll. Tie one end of the string to itself to have a one string sewing loop around the border.

Step 4:

Time to decorate. Give Dorothy her gingham dress and silver shoes as well as her hair. You can color the white felt square a silver color or a ruby red color. Give the Scarecrow a blue hat, a green vest, brown pants and shoes. Glue on the eyes. Draw on a smile. Add any details you think are necessary such as moss sticking out of the Scarecrow’s head, arms, and feet.

Final Product


I hope you have as much fun making these dolls as I did. It was a blast to make my own personal touch with Oz crafts.

How-to-Make: A Munchkin Forest

After meeting the Scarecrow, Dorothy and Toto walk through a forest within the Munchkin Country, when they will eventually meet another well-known character. However, in the chapter 4 reflection of WWOO, we discover the backstory of the Scarecrow and other fun tidbits about Oz. Below, I walk through the steps in my interpretation of a Munchkin Forest.


  • 2 rectangular styrofoam blocks (preferably green)
  • 1 sheet of styrofoam paper
  • Yellow scotch tape
  • 1 black Sharpie
  • Decorative foam flower stickers (preferably green and blue)
  • Miniature popsicle sticks
  • Yellow yarn
  • Plastic Tree set (found at Michaels in toy section)

Step 1: Create foundation

You will want to use a hot glue gun for this part. Glue the two rectangular blocks together, as seen in the picture below.


Step 2: Create Outline

In this step, you will want to cut out grass for the two long sides and a foundational piece for the two blocks to sit upon. The long sides should emulate a grassy field — although, funny enough, mine looks like an 80s t-shirt design.


Step 3: Create the Yellow Brick Road

Of course, this model will need to include the Yellow Brick Road since the characters are walking upon that road toward their destination. I used the yellow scotch tape and created the bricks by drawing them on with a black sharpie. Remember it doesn’t have to be perfect — at least, in my understanding it did not need to be.


Step 4: Decorate the Forest

This is the part that is up to you; although, this whole project is up to how you decide to move forward. I included decorative butterflies, a rope pathway fence, and plastic trees. On the sides, I stuck some foam decorative flowers using blue and green because of the colors of the forest and the colors of the Munchkin Country. Have fun with this project. It should be fun for you to share or have a Wizard of Oz night where you can recreate this scene (or other scenes). Also, if you have the connections, feel free to glue miniature figurines of Dorothy, Toto, and Scarecrow along the road. They do exist out there, I promise.

Final Product


Next project: Tin Man **Coming Soon**