MLOO: Episode 1

The Marvelous Land of Oz

Before opening up into the next book, I would first like to start by identifying a couple sources where you can find the Marvelous Land of Oz online.

Project Gutenburg

Page by Page Books

Also, when it comes to media adaptations, there are limited options as this was a story that was not done as much. So, as the chapters unfold, I will identify many of the media adaptations that exist, but for now, here is the Wiki page on the book itself, click here. On it, you will find a list of current and known adaptations and spin-offs that have been publicly performed. Also, don’t forget to check out the Oz Index (on the Reach of Oz page) to explore other stories that connect characters found in this story.

For those looking to explore the story through audiobook, click here to listen, or be sure to see if your local library has the audiobook as well. These stories seem to be so easy to come by and there are stores that sell these books like clockwork as well as finding them at Oz Conventions. For more information on that, find the International Wizard of Oz club link on the Reach of Oz page and be sure to check those out. They are quite a relaxing getaway and retreat experience.


Now, without further ado, let’s explore this new story about the Land of Oz. Right off the bat, in the author’s note (above) we discover that the the title of the story no longer focuses on a person, but the Land of Oz. As I stated before, the Land of Oz is descriptive of the entire regions and its islands and the Emerald City is its own area inside of the Land of Oz. It may get confusing as some adaptations tend to refer to the Emerald City as the Land of Oz. Then, after reading the author’s note, it really makes you wonder about other author’s notes, first. However, after that, one may realize that this story is not intended to focus on Dorothy, but rather the Scarecrow and the Tinman, as seen in the cover the original book. Remember Dorothy had landed back in Kansas at the end of the first book. Now, we get to discover more about the Land of Oz, while Dorothy is not there and after the events of what happened in the first book.


Chapter 1

Opening up, we discover that the story starts in a land that Dorothy never visited, The Land of the Gillikins, which is to the North.


Now, not much is known of this country, except that it might have been where the story about the winged monkeys originally occurred and where the Good Witch of the North, Locasta, lived in her palace. For more information about The Gillikin Country, whose main color is identified as purple, please click here.

Now, we are introduced to a couple new characters already in the books. There is Tip (later identified as Tippetarius). One really has to wonder where a name like that came from. For more background on this character, please visit the Oz Wiki page, click here. From this chapter, we learn that Tip has no friends, he lives with this woman who is not really his mother, works for her doing menial chores, and creates a pumpkinhead person to scare this supposedly wicked person.


Then, there is Mombi, another witch (not as powerful as the cardinal witches) and pictured below from the Marvelous Land of Oz comic as drawn by Eric Shanower. For information on this character, please click here. From this chapter, we learn that she is not liked by the other citizens, she practices magic, and left for groceries in a place two days away. By the way, what kind of name is Mombi and what does it mean? Is it short for something or is it a nickname?


Lastly, there is Jack Pumpkinhead. For more information about this character, please click here. This character is always fun to discuss because of the idea of sentient objects, which does not happen until the next chapter. However, what we do learn from this chapter, is what he wears and how he is put together.

  • Step 1) Carve the face (and leave insides alone)
  • Step 2) Tie branches together in the shape of a human.
  • Step 3) Put decorative clothes on the creature.

Funny how we seem to do this right already for Halloween. What an interesting character already. Although, point of reference, this book actually came out in July, 4 years after the first book. Could you imagine waiting that long for any book in a series to come out today?


It is also fascinating how right out the gate, we experience new characters, but it does beg the question if this is supposed to be a series, why do the original characters not return? Or do they eventually? I do know that toward the end of the book, two original characters return from the first story, while we get a whole smorgasbord of new characters. Leaving this chapter, we learn Jack’s name and what Jack is intended for, which is to scare Mombi on her way home.

For a great adaptation of this chapter, be sure to check out the Marvelous Land of Oz comic. Cover of comic shown below.


Also, be sure to check out another comic adaptation of this story and chapter. Cover seen below. Be sure to find these at your local comic book store.


Also, be sure to check out my Krafts of Oz page to try some DIY Land of Oz themed crafts. But, before we go, here is one final resource that may be a little expensive to get, but if you get the opportunity to watch, it tells the story of Mombi’s return to Oz through the eyes of the Oz Kids. Check it out here!


So, until next time when we discover what ever happens with Jack Pumpkinhead and Tip, we’ll be seeing you somewhere over the vinkus.


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